Before and After Events Cleaning Services From Profound Cleaners.


Any kind of event means a lot of activities and emotions to all of its participants as well as to the hosts; be it a huge corporate event or a small family party!

It’s quite a hectic task to hold a successful event as there are a lot of chores lining up to organize. Inviting guests, arranging location, entertainment, decorations, food and the list goes on to prepare before an event. Just like the time flies when you enjoy together with the guests, the event premises get pretty messed up after an event. The floors, furniture, kitchen, and halls might seem to be left out of place. Most importantly, the question of hygiene and safety rises up both before and after a gathering of people in the ongoing pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Inviting a commercial cleaning service and facility management provider before and after your event can really solve many of the difficult tasks of your event organizing checklist. As a well-known, professional commercial cleaning services provider in London, what we at Profound Cleaners can say to all the event hosts and participants is;

Enjoy all your events and have fun, leave the mess to us!

Profound Cleaners provides before and after event cleaning services for corporate events, sports events, concerts, festivals, conferences, trade shows, parties/celebrations, fundraising programs, grand openings and many more.

What do we do before and after your event?

  • Clean your event premises (home, restaurant, pub, cafe, club, hall, ground, etc.) and partyware before the guests arrive to give them a welcoming impression.
  • Disinfect each and every corner of your event premises where the guests will be gathering to make sure everybody is safe from unwanted pathogens and COVID-19.
  • Floorcare with floor deep cleaning and treatments including tile waxing, carpet vacuuming, and concrete washing.
  • Sofas, seats, cushions, and upholstery deep cleaning to remove inevitable dust, spots, stains and spills.
  • Bathroom, restrooms, toilets deep cleaning to avoid unclean and smelly experiences for your guests.
  • Deep clean special areas including VIP sections, office areas, and cabins to make your officials comfortable.
  • Waste management including emptying trash cans and picking up all the litter to reduce the carbon footprint of your event.
  • Full on-site management, toilet attendant, janitor service or any other cleaning service as per your event’s requirement.

Get and retain our commercial cleaning services for all your events so that you are not hassled by the additional and tiresome cleaning tasks. Profound Cleaners will ensure that the event premises is ready to receive your guests and well cleaned up after the event. Moreover, we make sure that your event is eco-friendly as possible!

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by Kevin Muthuk