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After completing a construction project, look around and ask yourself; is this place good to live in now? There can be dust, paint stains, unpleasant odors, packaging materials and all the other debris remaining here and there from the construction process. NO! In that case, the building is well-constructed, but not really ready to use. That’s why you need to hire a separate team of professional building cleaners to clear the mess.
What is builders cleaning?

Builders cleaning, also known as post-construction cleaning, provides an intensive clean after a building construction or renovation project before handing it over to the client. Builders cleaning is a one-time process. Hence it is entirely different from domestic cleaning which comprises a regular process. Moreover, the purpose of builders cleaning is preparing the place for living or commercial use. Simply, this is the step where you give an excellent finishing touch to your building project.

For any commercial builders cleaning project to be effective, you should remove all the remaining building materials and debris from the premises before you start.

Have you noticed any unusual/unready feeling coming from the newly built buildings? It happens when the builders' cleaning fails. So, let’s see how a successful builders clean should look like.

  • With a professional builders cleaning session, those awkward and unready feelings are wiped out with uncomfortable odors and dust.
  • It thoroughly cleans kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, including bathroom fixtures and other equipment.
  • All floors, tiles are mopped or scrubbed perfectly, especially if there is dust and stains; they will be removed without damaging the materials.
  • Carpets are washed or vacuumed appropriately.
  • Balconies, courtyards, patios, swimming pools are thoroughly cleaned.
  • External gutters, soffits and fascias are washed down.
  • Windows, glazing, and window frames are cleaned, ensuring no dirt remains.
  • High-level fittings (lights, fans), switches will be checked and wiped carefully.
  • Ceilings, walls, including joineries and skirtings, will be in the best condition.
  • Inside and outside of the cupboards and shelves and surfaces are cleaned, removing the hidden dust and cobwebs.

At the end of the cleaning day, you will see a fantastic place to continue a new life. Basically, builders' cleaners reach each and every inch of the building, ensuring it is in its best version.

For all those things to be done as you expect, you need to find a professional commercial cleaning service with hands-on experience

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by Kevin Muthuk