Commercial Housekeeping Services


Well-organized and deep cleaned commercial premises have the power to influence the overall productivity of anybodys’ day-to-day responsibilities with a constructive vibe, enhancing the mood and the tranquility.

If your commercial facility is a;

  • Hotel, restaurant, pub or a cafe
  • Office or a workspace
  • Gymnasium or a fitness center
  • School, carehome or a hospital
  • Event premises (hall, ground, club etc.)

and got interior and exterior that are perfectly maintained timely; you cannot stop your clients becoming regular ones, employees becoming efficient and satisfied, and guests becoming happier than ever.

What Is Commercial Housekeeping?

Basically, upkeeping and maintaining commercial establishments such as hotels, dormitories, resorts, inns, hospitals, schools, offices, care homes and apartments, etc. is known as commercial housekeeping. The key difference between commercial cleaning and housekeeping services is; while cleaning services focus on improving the cleanliness of the facility, commercial housekeeping services focus not only on cleaning but also on organizing and tidying up the premises smartly, according to high professional standards.

Few Tasks That a Profound Commercial Housekeeper Performs At Your Commercial Premises.

  • Clean and dust the common areas and facilities including rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and halls thoroughly with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and well-trained cleaning methods.
  • Keep the floors cleaned by sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.
  • Arrange beds, replace linen and keep all the rooms pleasantly with nice odours.
  • Do laundry and ironing tasks.
  • Clean and restock minibars.
  • Garbage cleaning and emptying trash cans (waste management) to reduce carbon footprint from your premises.
  • Remove spots, stains and spills on sofas, upholstery, windows and mirrors.

Why Commercial Housekeepers From Profound Cleaners?

  • We have well-trained, experienced, and flexible housekeepers for your daily, weekly, monthly, or any kind of custom commercial housekeeping requirement.
  • We always follow an environmentally friendly approach in completing every cleaning task, and we are passionate about sustainability.
  • Our housekeepers are guaranteed to provide professional service, detailed attention to everything on the premises, and efficient solutions to avoid unnecessary concerns.

If you are an owner of a commercial premise and want to grab the benefits of professional commercial housekeeping to make your service stand out in the industry, contact Profound Cleaners today for more information! Because the cleanliness of your environment speaks a lot about the quality of the service or the product you offer.

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by Kevin Muthuk