Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning


What would be your response if someone wants to enter your kitchen?

Can you say, “Hold on a second, I have to ask from my kitchen first.” or “No, sorry, my kitchen is not in a good mood to meet any guests.” ?

No, you can’t make nonsense excuses to prevent your guests from visiting your kitchen. Sometimes customers are very curious about the process behind the delicious meal they enjoy at your restaurants. And sometimes, the food aroma leads people to the kitchens. Therefore, whether it is a commercial or domestic kitchen, it always should be in good condition to accept such unexpected guests. In that case, kitchen deep cleaning can help you.

No matter how busy your kitchen is, a good cleaning schedule will always help you keep the kitchen clean and neat, and a good cleaning schedule must contain a date for a kitchen deep cleaning!

Why is kitchen deep cleaning so important?

  • To provide the best food for your clients

    Preparing meals for others; it’s a job that makes people fall in love with you and give you many responsibilities. The cleanliness of the kitchen directly affects providing healthy and safe food for your family and clients. And also, a clean and sparkle kitchen encourages the chefs and the helpers to make the yummiest meals in the world.

  • For the kitchen staff

    Who likes to work in a dirty kitchen? Making a safe and hygienic environment for your kitchen staff is your responsibility. Periodic deep cleaning sessions help the staff to maintain the clean kitchen interiors while making everyone happy.

  • After special days

    Sometimes, a commercial kitchen becomes very busy because of special functions like weddings, birthday parties, office functions, etc. At the end of such days, in your kitchen, you will see nothing but a mess that the regular cleaning methods and equipment cannot clean. Moreover, a large commercial kitchen is a collection of many little pieces. Your helpers might miss some of that equipment in the cleaning process, but professional cleaners don’t. So it’s good to hire a commercial kitchen cleaning service before starting a new day.

  • To prevent the spread of insects, rats, germs and bacteria

    There are many places in a kitchen where germs are lurking. A place full of food is an ideal habitat for annoying insects, rats, cockroaches, and germs and bacteria like E.coli, salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, hepatitis A, and norovirus. So, if your cleaning schedule doesn’t go well with well-planned deep cleaning days, saving your kitchen from those uninvited creatures is impossible.

  • Kitchen disinfection

    Stop COVID-19 from spreading in your kitchen. Finish the deep cleaning by disinfecting the entire kitchen.

    Add these to your kitchen disinfection checklist:

    • Doorknobs
    • Appliance handles
    • Drawer pulls
    • Switches
    • Chair rungs
    • Faucet handles
    • Table surfaces

Not everyone has the skills, patience, and especially the time to clean the kitchens like a professional and well-trained cleaner does. So, rather than trying to do the cleaning chores by yourself, you can hire a professional cleaning company near you to get the cleaning jobs done.

What are the things that normally you forget while kitchen deep cleaning but professional cleaners never miss?

  • Cleaning kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning stovetop
  • Cleaning dishwashers
  • Cleaning oven glass
  • Cleaning kitchen sinks
  • Kitchen floor cleaning/Floor treatment
  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Wiping and dusting the walls and surfaces
  • High-ceiling dusting
  • Disinfecting the kitchen

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Let the food aroma spread throughout the whole area. Let your curious guests have a look at your kitchen. Get all the commercial kitchen cleaning and restaurant/pubs/cafes deep cleaning services from an experienced and reliable cleaning team. Send Profound Cleaners a message via the web or contact us via phone or email.

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by Kevin Muthuk