COVID-19 Deep Cleaning


Profound Cleaners consists of a team of highly-trained, professional cleaning experts, and the customers from London, Essex, Kent, and the surrounding areas entrust us for our quality commercial cleaning services, especially including COVID-19 deep cleaning.

How is COVID being Transmitted?

Researchers disclose that the COVID-19 virus mainly spread by;

  • Being in close contact with an infected person and exposure to the respiratory droplets generated from them.
  • Coming in contact with the infected surfaces and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before sanitizing/cleaning hands properly.

Due to its rapid replication rate and the capability to survive on different surfaces for long periods, the virus can spread drastically. Hence, it's crucial to keep the environment you are in disinfected and hygienic.

Deep Cleaning Services from Profound Cleaners to Fight Against COVID-19.

Closely monitoring the COVID-19 spread and strictly following the safety guidelines provided by the authorities, we provide quality, reliable, and cost-efficient COVID-19 deep cleaning services. General cleaning steps may not kill all the hidden pathogens and dust; therefore, we use specially developed chemicals and cleaning methods with our deep cleaning services to keep your premises safe and bring back the sparkle once again.

In order to help the workforces be safe from the pandemic when businesses start over again after long lockdown periods, we offer specific Office COVID Management Plans. The plans are totally customizable and start from reasonable price ranges to be compatible with your budgets.

Disinfection fogging service is an important COVID deep cleaning methodology we use, which is really popular among our valued customers. A session of fogging can reach high-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, bathroom surfaces, cables, switches, etc., at your premises, and the droplets of cleaning chemicals do their job to prevent the massive spread of the virus.

We suggest that turning your attention to a commercial deep cleaning and disinfecting service like us, worth the investment to fight against and be safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simply contact us at Profound Cleaners via 020 4533 8700 , 074 2967 6759 or to obtain our COVID-19 deep cleaning services.

by Kevin Muthuk