Floor Treatment and Floor Cleaning - Why is This So Important?


Floors have a close connection with dirty shoes. So it doesn’t take much time for any cleaned floor to be dull. Commercial properties such as restaurants, gymnasiums, offices, schools, and hospitals usually have many visitors leaving dust, dirt, and germs on the floors. In domestic environments, floors can hold their surfaces cleaned for some time as they are not crowded like commercial buildings. But, don’t forget how your dogs proudly walk on the tiles with their muddy paws. And, most moms like to play with their kids lying down on the same floor!

Whether it is a domestic or commercial floor, as they are continuously exposed to dirt and germs, frequent cleaning and timely floor treatments are critical. You can plan your floor cleaning routine according to the foot traffic and considering the flooring materials.

In today’s world, especially in modern cities like London, we can see the latest and costly flooring designs with ceramic tiles, marble tiles, concrete, laminate, wood, etc. Replacing such a floor is expensive and difficult. Therefore you should be very careful and patient when working with your floor.

That’s where you get stuck.

Are you sure you have enough knowledge of floor care methods? Are you aware of cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals? Don’t put your valuable flooring design in danger while you can get help from professional floor cleaners.

What are the benefits of professional floor treatments and floor cleaning sessions?

  • Remove dirt and stains that cannot be removed from regular cleaning methods
  • Replace the dull look with a fresh and shiny surface
  • Ensure the safety and hygiene of the indoor environment
  • Maintain the quality and increase the lifetime of floor materials
  • Make a good impression on your visitors
  • Enhance the appearance of the whole area
  • Satisfaction and peace of mind

Floor Treatment Types

  • Mopping - This can be done daily with or without cleaning chemicals. Suitable to remove dust and odors from the floor.
  • Scrubbing - Scrub the floor with scrubbing brushes or floor scrubbers to remove debris, dust, oil, and stains.
  • Polishing/Burnishing - Floor burnishers polish the floor at a higher speed to get a wet-look shine.
  • Buffing - Perform on the cleaned (scrubbed or burnished) floors at low or high speeds with a buffer machine. This helps to restore some gloss and smoothness to the floor.

Floor buffers, scrubbers, and burnishers are not the same. Picking the right tool for the right floor is the job of the floor cleaners.

If you are looking for hard floor cleaners, including tile cleaners and wood floor cleaners for your home or office or any other commercial building, contact Profound Cleaners now! We are the best floor cleaners in London, and recovering dusty and discolored floors are one of our cleaning specialties. We promise you to deliver a hygienic and beautiful floor with all the benefits you have read so far.

Interested in soft floor cleaning? Read about our Carpet Cleaning services.

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by Kevin Muthuk