Gym Deep Cleaning


Everyone wants to stay in shape and be healthy. As a result, it's no surprise that gyms and fitness centres are springing up all over the place, welcoming anyone interested. While assisting gym members in improving their physical and mental health, gym owners have a significant responsibility to provide a clean and hygeinic gym environment for all, including the trainers and visitors.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the gym environment is extremely important as the dusty floors and carpets, unclean bathrooms, and sweat marks on the benches and other gym equipment will undoubtedly drive your customers away.

Deep cleaning and disinfecting the gym is a must. Why?

Some people work out first thing in the morning, and some are accustomed to going to the gym after work. Yet, nobody cares who these people are, what they do, or where they've been. However, since so many people use the gym and the shared resources, these areas must be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly, especially now that the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on peoples’ lives. With its warm and sweaty environment, a gym can be an ideal place for germs, bacteria, and viruses to spread, no matter how beautiful and well-organized the interiors are.

“A gym can be called a sweaty place. That’s weird, but yes, workouts mean sweat.”

What should you consider when cleaning a gym?

  • Prepare a proper cleaning routine, including daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks.
  • Disinfect the frequently/high touched surfaces with a quality and safe disinfectant when necessary.
    • Doorknobs
    • All the gym equipment and machines (Treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, resistance bands, etc.)
    • Workout benches
  • Get COVID fogging services to disinfect the area quickly and efficiently.
  • Clean and disinfect the locker rooms and changing rooms.
  • Always keep the water dispensers and bathrooms cleaned.
  • Mop and vacuum the gym floors and carpets, removing the stains, dust and dirt.
  • Periodically deep clean the entire premises ensuring no hidden dirt remains on, under, or behind anything.
  • Hire a professional commercial cleaning company at your service.

The members of your gym staff might not be able to give attention to all hygiene related details at the gym while attending to their core responsibilities. Therefore we suggest; the best decision is to hire a commercial cleaning company with experienced, skilled cleaners, and the best cleaning supplies. You can obviously trust us; Profound Cleaners to create the fresh, clean, and welcoming environment that your fitness facility needs.

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by Kevin Muthuk