Hidden Places Where Germs Are Lurking in Your Office and How to Wipe Them Away?


Apart from your co-workers, who else is there in your office? Even though you guys cannot meet in person, there are many harmful germs, viruses, bacterias, and unwanted pathogens right under your nose. They indeed thank you for letting them bread and build unseen but great kingdoms in your office.

So, if you do not keep up with the required regular cleaning sessions at your work area, it exposes you and your entire team to a risk of getting sick with many diseases such as influenza, colds and even deadly COVID-19.

Here are a few places they tend to hide:

Office Desk

It's difficult to believe, but true. Many people spend their days at a desk, using phones, keyboards, and computer mice, where the germs and bacteria can quickly settle in. The studies on the office desks say that an average keyboard contains approximately 16 million microbes. So, according to these statistics, your desk is probably dirtier than the office toilet!

Make a habit of giving a quick clean to your office table before starting and ending your day. And also, don’t forget to get the monthly office deep cleaning services from a reliable commercial cleaning company near you and have all the office desks and equipment cleaned.

Coffee Mugs

Did you know that one out of every five office coffee mugs is contaminated with faeces bacteria? If the mugs aren't thoroughly cleaned after each use, you give those bacteria a chance to spread from one person to another. Therefore it’s necessary to clean the coffee mugs after each use thoroughly. If you have already hired a professional housekeeper who takes care of the cleanliness of each kitchen item of your office, you can ignore this warning and focus on your office work.

The Phone

Even though the phones are used frequently, they are never or very rarely cleaned. We hold them in our hands, press them against our ears and hair, and even breathe on them. So, if you're not the only one who uses it, just imagine how bad the situation can be, especially when there is a high chance for the Coronavirus to spread in your office.

Next time you clean, don't forget to wipe down and sanitise your phone too. To ensure you all are protected, get COVID disinfection services timely to disinfect your entire office, including the tools and equipment.

The Copy Machine

Here is the machine that causes many arguments in any busy office. The copy machine is one of the most wanted shared items in every office. So, it could be the single best place for everyone to spread germs.

Using hand sanitisers after using the copy machine is the best practice to continue your personal hygiene. But not everyone will remember it. So, give your janitor the proper instructions to keep the copy machine and the surrounding area always clean and hygienic.

The lift, AC remotes, TV remotes, fingerprint scanners, projectors, bathrooms, lunch areas, chairs, etc.; likewise, there is a long list of places and equipment where the germs lurk in an office.

How to wipe them away?

As there are many germ-infested things in an office, to wipe them away and stop you from being a germ carrier, having personal sanitary practices is a must. In that case, we can tell you a few tips that help to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading in your office and protect yourself from exposure to other germs and viruses.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating, as well as after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.
  • Always keep a personal hand sanitiser bottle with you. It’s safer than using another shared resource.
  • Use disinfecting wipes to wipe down your table, phone, and other frequently used surfaces.
  • Keep a separate water bottle and mug and make sure they're daily cleaned.
  • Always avoid touching stairs and escalator handrails.
  • Most importantly, if you feel sick, you should stay at home.

Apart from the above list, you will need an advanced cleaning process to wipe germs hidden in the corners of your office building. In the prevention stage, you might be a little disgusted. Further, doing the cleaning chores by yourself is a hindrance to your core business activities.

However, the situation is not quite as bleak if you start cleaning with a professional cleaning company. Even though it is nearly impossible to wipe the germs away 100%, our team of Profound Cleaners give the best effort to transform your office into a healthier place with our cleaning and disinfection services. We offer you excellent Office Deep Cleaning services, Disinfection and COVID Fogging Services, and other Professional Cleaning Services guaranteeing to provide you with a healthier workplace without any disturbances to your official duties.

We use environmentally safe, eco-friendly cleaning products free from harmful odours and toxins. Contact us at 020 4533 8700 , 074 2967 6759 or info@profoundcleaners.co.uk for more details.

by Kevin Muthuk