Care Home Cleaning


Do you know why we, Profound Cleaners , consider Care Home Cleaning as something more important than an ordinary home or office cleaning process? Because a care home is not just an ordinary building. It is a place where elderly people and people who need extra care live. It could be a challenging task for the care home guardians to continuously maintain the cleanliness of such premises.

People who live in a care home are easily subjected to harmful infections, pandemic diseases like COVID-19, and many more health issues. Therefore a well-ordered, high-quality cleaning plan can really help to prevent such insecurities by minimizing the risk of infections.

Considering all the health and safety concerns, our special and affordable care home cleaning process comprises the below services:

  • Fogging, Deep Cleaning, COVID Disinfection Cleaning - To prevent and be safe from COVID-19
  • Mechanical & electrical maintenance - To reduce waiting time and to prevent unpredicted accidents.
  • Carpet Cleaning & Floor Treatments - To maintain a healthy and pleasant indoor environment.
  • Waste management (emptying trash cans and picking up litter) - To keep the care home premises clean and beautiful.
  • Washroom & shower facilities cleaning - To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • External and internal window cleaning - A better view always helps to improve inner peace.
  • Other requested cleanings as per the requirement

A clean and neat care home can make the residents, staff, and visitors really happy and satisfied. Just think about the feeling of passing the time while hanging out with others laughing, and sharing their old stories. That’s why we are dedicated to our responsibility of helping you to prepare and keep a pleasant environment for them to have the best days of their lives, going beyond a regular cleaning job.

If you too think that care homes deserve a better cleaning experience than a regular cleaning process, contact Profound Cleaners via 020 4533 8700 , 074 2967 6759 or through or hire an affordable cleaning service.

by Kevin Muthuk