How Profound Cleaners Enhances the Indoor Air Quality of Your Commercial Premises.


Are you aware of the hidden enimies who crept through your doors and made the whole health system weak? You may not be able to see them, but they can definitely reach you and your staffs, customers, and visitors through the indoor air, giving you bad smells to trouble! Isn’t it awkward? That’s why we say no matter the type of commercial facility you have, the indoor air quality of your building is essential.

Further to that, as a building or facilities manager who might be running a business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is your responsibility to ensure that the building in which people spend most of their working day is comfortable and healthy. Therefore, it is essential to pay extra attention to improve the indoor air quality of your premises as it affects the overall productivity on a great scale.

Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality

  • Eliminates air pollution, removes bad odors, and balances humidity.
  • Improves health by preventing allergies, asthma, headaches, respiratory problems, and health ailments.
  • Eases your breath and releases stress on your body, especially heart and lungs, allowing your body to have the oxygen it needs.
  • Reduces your energy bills as your heating or cooling systems aren’t clogged with dirt and debris.
  • Enhances the professional look of the premises convincing your staff, customers, and visitors with a positive and promising environment.

How Profound Cleaners Improves the Indoor Air Quality of Your Commercial Premises.

  • We clean heaters and air conditioners to stop the spread of harmful pathogens and dust through the air.
  • We clean your air ducts professionally removing built up mold, dust, smoke, pesticides, other chemicals and pathogens.
  • We eliminate dust mites, pollen, animal dander, and other allergy-causing agents through deep cleaning and disinfecting the entire area.
  • We avoid blockages of ventilation features, windows, etc., and deep clean them.
  • We deep clean carpets, rugs, and floors according to their material.
  • We dust, deep clean, and disinfect high touched surfaces of the premises.
  • We only use eco-friendly cleaning products, tools, and techniques to maintain the cleanliness and enhance the overall indoor air quality.

Do the cleaning magic to your commercial premises with the help of your nearest professional cleaning service; Profound Cleaners to see the difference.

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by Kevin Muthuk