Sofa and Upholstery Deep Cleaning


Your sofa sees more action than any other room or item in your premises. It's a seat, a beverage station, a place for a quick nap, and a convenience for guests who want to wipe their stained hands quietly. Moreover, upholstery made of cotton, linen, wool, nylon, velvet, viscose, silk, and other materials can also hold a lot more dust and dirt than you might think.

The problem is that you can't see them, so you assume your sofa is fine because no spills, spots, or stains have appeared yet. It eventually becomes an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria inside your home, office, restaurant, or any other commercial location where cleanliness and hygiene are essential. Whether your sofas and chairs are made of soft, supple leather or cloth fabric, they need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking new and to help preserve the material.

Isn’t professional upholstery/sofa deep cleaning a great solution for all these issues?

Why should you deep clean sofas and upholstery?

A deep clean is actually a must do for any of it and should be performed timely as it is beneficial in many ways.

  • Deep cleaning helps maintain the fresh look of sofa/upholstery, removes odours, and extends their lifetime.
  • Looking good is not just enough! Professional sofa cleaners can ensure the safety and hygiene of the sofa by disinfecting and sanitizing, applying the most suitable cleaning method for each unique sofa.
  • If you have just bought a sofa, or are going to sell your old one, a cleaned look sofa will definitely give you a good price. In London, there are many used or old upholstery at sales to buy for lower prices. But before using them, remember to disinfect and give a deep clean in order to prevent entering the uninvited germs, viruses, and diseases into your place, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Besides, you don’t know how the previous owner used it before.
  • When you share one sofa with family or visitors popcorn, chips, sauce, and drinks or body oil, sweat and hair also require some space from your sofa. A deep clean can remove all such spills and stains from your sofa if you do it ASAP with professional help.
  • Have you ever flipped a couch cushion or thrown a pillow to hide stains or spills? If you go for a deep sofa/upholstery cleaning, no need to hide them anymore. Remember! When your furniture is well cleaned and shining, it gives a professional impression to all.

How to clean a sofa, how to disinfect my sofa, how to remove odor from upholstery? We know there are a ton of cleaning questions in your mind. Cleaning a valuable sofa without knowledge or experience is too risky. There are different cleaning techniques and solvents applicable for the different upholstery, and it should be done according to the cleaning codes given by the sofa manufacturer.

If you are from London,Essex, Kent or the surrounding areas you can hire trained sofa cleaners from profound Cleaners for any of your sofa/upholstery cleaning, disinfection services, and deep cleaning.

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by Kevin Muthuk