Special COVID-19 disinfection services from Profound Cleaners


Did you know that the COVID-19 virus can live for up to three days on metal surfaces, two days on plastic surfaces, and 24 hours on paper surfaces? Technically, the majority of the things around you, as well as the things you use the most in your daily life could be contaminated with such viruses. That’s why disinfecting surfaces and commercial premises has become more frequent and significant nowadays.

We at Profound Cleaners are specialized in COVID-19 disinfection and fogging services with our convenient and effective chemicals, tools and techniques.

Profound Cleaners: Special COVID-19 Disinfection Services

People in London, Essex, Kent, and the surrounding areas entrust us with our excellent commercial cleaning services, notably COVID-19 deep cleaning since Profound Cleaners is made up of highly-trained, professional cleaning experts and carry out all the cleaning services in an environmentally friendly manner.

We at Profound Cleaners highly advocate fogging to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases from spreading. Fogging is indeed the basic yet very efficient professional cleaning approach for keeping everything clean and everyone safe.

How does fogging work?

Disinfectant fogging creates a cloud of non-toxic cleaning agents by spraying a thin mist with an appropriate concentration of disinfecting solution through a designated fogging machine. Fogging significantly kills pathogens and viruses contamination on surfaces and in the air. These procedures can be successfully carried out only with well-trained professional cleaning services.

The cleaning specialists from Profound Cleaners will arrive with safety-certified PPE clothing, as well as other materials and procedures. The antiviral treatments are then broken down into tiny micro millimeter units with a long lifespan to save your health.

Benefits of fogging

  • Fogging cleans 99.99% of the harmful bacteria, viruses including COVID-19, and easily disinfect every inch of physically hard-to-reach areas
  • It contributes to diminishing airborne contaminants
  • Fogging is more convenient when disinfecting horizontal areas and surfaces
  • Dry fogging is safe to disinfect electrical equipment, laptop computers, and other machines
  • It is really fast and easy

We help you keep your spaces clean and your mind at peace! We are always available to assist and support your commercial cleaning needs as well as COVID-19 disinfecting requirements as a responsible cleaning company in London.

Simply contact us at Profound Cleaners via 020 4533 8700 , 074 2967 6759 or info@profoundcleaners.co.uk

by Kevin Muthuk