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Office Cleaning

For many of us, our office is like a second home!

We spend many of our waking hours at the office and we want this space to be kept clean for ourselves and our coworkers. Offices of all kinds must be kept clean. It keeps employees happy and boosts productivity. For that, you need cleaning experts who will ensure your office is looking its best.

Our service includes

Polishing floors
Spot cleaning (coffee spills)
Dusting surfaces
Window cleaning
Carpet vacuuming
Door handle sanitization
Cleaning office kitchen
Cleaning office appliances
Furniture setup
Toilet paper & towel replacement
Emptying bins & replace bin bags
Car park cleaning

Benefits of a professional office cleaning service

Fewer sick days

A clean and disinfected workplace can prevent sickness and infection, which leads to healthier and happier employees.

Improved Air Quality

Cleaning office carpets will contribute to keeping your office’s indoor air fresh and in good quality.

Increased Productivity

Messy spaces and cluttered desks can cause stress and distractions. It is simply easier to focus and work in an environment that is clean and organized. Since we are here, you don’t have to worry about the distractions anymore.

Safer Workplace

Clean and dry floors can prevent slips, spills, and falls. Besides keeping your office space tidy, we can also make your workplace safer by ensuring that it is free from germs, bacteria, viruses, and dust.

Good First Impression

After all, your customers, investors, suppliers, or even visitors may not take your business seriously if they find that your workspace is dirty or untidy. Since you can only make a first impression once, a neat and clean workplace is crucial to reflect your professionalism.

Happier Customers, Staff, and Suppliers

A person’s work environment plays a significant role in their happiness and satisfaction. If a workplace is professionally cleaned, everyone will be happier and more motivated to create the best outcome possible.

Facilities Management and Building Management

Ensuring functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of your premises.

Running a company requires your attention and energy to be spent on many things, but facility and building management should not be one of those things. Even then, having a streamlined environment to work in can do wonders to your productivity. Let us take care of your facilities and building management tasks so that you can focus on taking your company to greater heights.


Our service includes

Mechanical & electrical maintenance
Building maintenance
Security services
Reception and concierge
Mainroom and porterage
Space management and minor moves
Event management and support
Gounds maintenance
Compliance services
Customer services and helpdesk

Deep Cleaning

A clean office space speaks a lot to those who come inside their walls.

When was the last time that you scheduled a deep cleaning for your office? Even if your office is cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, you still need to make sure you schedule a deep cleaning at least once every quarter of the year.

Usually, our clients request deep cleaning for their toilets and offices every six months. General clean may not kill all the hidden bacteria and dust. We use specially developed chemicals and cleaning methods for deep cleaning services to bring back the sparkle in your premises once again.

Our basic service includes

Disinfection of all visible and accessible areas with fogging machines.
Vacuuming all carpets thoroughly (moving furniture if necessary).
High-ceiling dusting.
Thorough mopping and scrubbing of all floors.
Cleaning light switches, fixtures, and door handles.
Emptying and cleaning inside cabinets & appliances.
Comprehensive restroom and bathroom cleaning.
Cleaning and sanitizing all computer keyboards & screens.

Why is Deep Cleaning important for an Office?

A simple routine cleaning is not enough

A deep cleaning at least once a quarter of the year is crucial to ensure your workplace's health and safety.

Helps to eliminate harmful elements that cannot be seen by the naked eyes

Includes allergens, dust particles, mold, and even germs that have stuck to your office curtains, carpets, and other pieces of furniture.

sanitizes and cleans the deep corners of your office

We ensure that no dark and forgotten corners (hard to reach places) are thriving with germs.


Commercial COVID-19 Deep Cleaning & Antiviral Sanitization

With the recent outbreak of the new CoronaVirus, people have turned their attention to our commercial deep cleaning and disinfecting services.

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Hotel Cleaning & Room Service

We can turn your mess into the epitome of cleanliness!

When you have to cater to hundreds of people at a given time, handling a hotel can be challenging! It’s difficult to keep up the quality of hospitality, and of course, the hotel rooms themselves.

We all remember a pleasant stay at a hotel. The guests always appreciate well maintained and clean hotel rooms, and it assures that they come back to you again and again with the promise of recommending you to others. Profound Cleaners is ready to provide highly-trained contract cleaning professionals for critical areas of your hotel.



Our service includes cleaning of

Hotel rooms
Reception area
Gym / Fitness center
Banquet hall
Swimming pool
Employee areas
Public areas (Lobby, Entrance, Elevators, Staircases, Guest Corridors)

What makes us different from others?

All services are available overnight.
Eco-friendly service.
100% customer satisfaction.
Flexible scheduling.
Over 15 years of experience serving the hospitality industry in the UK.
Our cleaning professionals have trained to give top-notch service.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Our Magic for You: Hassle-free Tenancy Cleaning

Our service is suitable for anyone who is moving in or out of a property...

If you are a landlord who wants to let, sell, or buy a property or a tenant who wants the full deposit back, our service is just what you need. We offer an affordable last minute end of tenancy cleaning that we’re sure you will be delighted with.

Cleaning the rental property by yourself will be a much cheaper choice, leaving you with more money available for your new house move. But it can be a time-consuming and stressful task to do. By hiring someone like Profound Cleaners to take care of the cleaning, you can concentrate on the rest of your move.

COVID-19 Update

Please note that we are still offering our End of Tenancy Cleaning services amidst the virus as usual to
our valuable clients across London.

Our service checklist

Clean windows and ceiling.
Dust and wipe all the furniture.
Dust walls and remove cobwebs.
Clean any mirrors, pictures, and top of the picture frames.
Clean all switches and sockets.
Mop and scrub the floor.
Clean and polish the bathroom (toilets, showers, tiles & baths).
Clean the kitchen area.
Clean all the carpets and rugs.
Wipe dirt-off from curtain rails.
Clean the appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, ovens & microwaves)
Get rid of left-over rubbish.
Rinse-out rubbish bins.
Other cleanings (as per your request).

Why us?

We work on short notice.
We have a detailed cleaning checklist.
We have no time constraints.
Flexible scheduling.
Our professional cleaners receive extensive training daily.

Event Cleaning

We ensure that your event is as eco-friendly as possible!

Festivals and events are known to generate much waste, and they often lack any waste disposal strategies for sustainability. At Profound Cleaners, we take care of cleaning and waste management and reduce the particular event's carbon footprint, ensuring sustainability.

Enjoy the event, have fun and we'll be more than happy to clean up your mess!

Hosting an event can be a difficult task as there's a lot to get done. Nevertheless, it would be best if we never neglected the importance of cleaning before and after the meeting.


We provide our service for

Corporate events
Sporting events
Concerts / Festivals
Trade Shows
Parties / Celebrations
Fundraising events
Grand Openings

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Our cleans can include

Floorcare (tile waxing, carpet vacuuming, concrete washing)
Seat cleaning
Restroom clean-up
Washroom & Shower facilities cleaning
Full-on site management
Waste management (emptying trash cans, picking up litter)
Special areas clean-up (VIP sections, offices, other official areas)
Other requested cleanings as per the requirement

Also, we can provide a toilet attendant or janitor service during events.


Building & New Build Cleaning

Build your imagination, & we’ll come to give it that gleaming finishing touch you ever wanted!

We’re one call away…

Construction Cleaning is way more different than regular Domestic Cleaning.

Building cleaning is often misunderstood as being merely the removal of dust and waste that are generated from works carried out on site. However, building and new build cleaning are a tough job that requires skilled cleaners and the use of the right tools and equipment to get the best outcome. Our professional cleaning team is highly trained to remove the toughest stains, concrete, paint, and all other outcomes of the challenging construction environment.

Why should you hire us?

Construction of a building is a messy job; never mind, we’re here!

We reach difficult areas which often ignored by other cleaning services

We ensure that all areas are cleaned to our standard, no matter how hard to reach.

We conduct Risks and Hazards Assessments

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all operatives at the site before proceeding with the cleaning.

We provide detailed professional cleaning service

The best thing that we pride ourselves on is achieving.

No need to worry about waste disposal

We always comply with local waste disposal ordinances to ensure that waste disposal is appropriately done.

We provide for some of the leading construction firms across London.

Services we provide to you

Builders Clean

Once the builders have completed their work, we carry out an initial deep cleaning procedure, including getting rid of dust collected during the construction work. After the basic clean, the advanced clean has to be carried out to reach the excellent standard.

Sparkle Clean

We clean all the builders' left-overs, dust, paint, footprints, and finger marks on the site, which is more intense and effective than the regular builder's clean. Our sparkle cleaning service brings buildings to showroom standards and ensures it looks brand new, as if the builders were never there.

Removal Services

You need to hire a responsible service provider when moving to another place with all of your property. We have earned a good name and reputation from our valuable customers for our trustworthy and admirable removal services. Whatever your status is, removal processes can be really stressful and that's why we exist to help you out!


Our Process


Don’t be confused when we are here to assist you in preparing your removal. Each removal is unique, and we will arrange yours smoothly with a fitting checklist and nicely done packings and labeling.


We leave nothing at your old place but the memories. Packages that move with you will come after you, and abandoned goods will be collected and sent to charitable corporations or the recycling centers effectively.


We are very attentive in moving your fragile goods, heavy furniture as well as your child’s toy box. Our professional movers and careful drivers will deliver your stuff just the same as they left the old place.


Carpet Cleaning & Floor Treatments

In commercial settings, carpets are the most preferred material used for flooring. Usually, it can be challenging to maintain, and carpet fibers tend to hold onto germs and odors. We know how inconvenient it is to use the traditional way of cleaning carpets. Our carpet cleaners are professionals who use portable equipment that matches your requirement, and you’ll be able to use the freshly cleaned carpet right away.

Looking for an expertized carpet cleaning service to get rid of the dust, dirt,
and stains of your carpets?

No more worries, no more delaying appointments!
You can count on us!

We’re specialized in carpet spot removal, pet stains, odors, and more...

Benefits of choosing us

Reduce the spread of bacteria, germs, and diseases.
Deodorize the carpets (upon request).
Eliminate stains and spots.
Restore the natural appearance.
Use eco-friendly detergents.
Ultimately, extend the life of your carpets.
Minimal business interruption.

Our services

Hot water extraction cleaning (Steam carpet cleaning)

We use high pressured hot water to agitate the carpet fiber and dissolve dirt in the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning (Compound cleaning)

Our dry carpet cleaning method is suitable for all carpet types (commercial carpet tiles, Persian rugs, sisal, or wool).

Covid Secure Management for Offices

The novel coronavirus is most commonly spread from an infected person or surface to another through the environment, air, close personal contact, or by touching a surface or object with the virus. Following the spread of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to disinfect and deep clean your workplace.

The virus tends to spread quickly and easily, so you must do all you can as a responsible employer to reassure your employees and customers about their health and safety. We'll tailor our disinfection protection services to your company's exact needs, in line with UK public health guidelines for infection control and treatment of COVID-19.


Are you getting back to business after lockdown?

Protect your employees and customers from COVID-19 with our professional
Disinfection Service

Book your COVID-19 Disinfection Today!

From as little as £473 per visit,

Profound Cleaners can take care of your disinfection needs.

Don’t risk infection. Trust the professionals for disinfection protection.

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